Will Bitcoin Break Pass $12,000

Will Bitcoin Break Pass the $12,000 Price Point?

Bitcoin Finally gets pass the $10,000 price point, after several attempts in the first and second quarter of this year. But even with this exciting spike in the price of the cryptocurrency, there are still some elements of doubts and fear spread across the minds of bitcoin traders, concerning why the coin has failed to break pass $12,000 after showing so much potentials in the previous weeks.

Bitcoin’s price liquidity can never be overlooked at any point in time, and this explains the reason some investors are still withholding their hands in investing in the cryptocurrency. The liquidity has once again expressed itself, after bitcoin’s failure to break pass $12, 000, despite reaching the point twice in 10 days.

Some analysts believe that bitcoin is still trying to reach a stable point between $10,000 and $12,000 and the price might not go below that price point in the coming months, but might still break pass the $12,000. Statistics has shown that when the cryptocurrency at a point like this, a bullish increase should be expected. This happened in 2017 and even 2019, when the price of the coin almost reached $20,000.

It advisable to wait till the price of the coin reach a stable point, before making attempts to acquire new coins, that could be the only guaranteed way to avoid accumulating so much losses. The bitcoin market is still very promising and traders are expected to keep their optimism alive, as there might be light at the end of the tunnel.

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