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5 Gift Cards Projected to Increase in Rates in August

It is the month of August, and several businesses are expected to go on a new dynamic, to adapt to the changes that have happened in the market. Some businesses would have to reduce the rate of production, while some would increase it, based on the level of demand. Anytime something of this such happens, there is one certain end result that we would always have, and that’s the change in the value of the products of those businesses.

For gift card trading especially, there are some gift cards whose resale values are expected to spike in this first week of August, due to those changes in market dynamics, and also the events in the world generally. Below are five of those gift cards expected to experience this increase in value and the variables responsible for this prediction.

1. Amazon Gift Card

There has been a general increase in the level of e-commerce transactions, especially now that most cryptocurrencies have moved up, and this trend is expected to continue even till the end of August, and Amazon being the biggest e-commerce platform in the world would be the highest gainer, an occurrence that is expected to boost the exchange value of its gift card.

2. Visa Gift Card

Most prepaid credit cards experience a spike in value during holidays, as most families go on vacation during this period, and August known to be the vacation month is here again, and Visa gift card, having the same market value as other prepaid credit cards is expected to have an increase in exchange value.

3. OneVanilla Visa/Mastercard Gift Card

The same variables that are responsible for the prediction made on a Visa gift card are also expected to influence the OneVanilla gift card as well and boost its resale value.

4. Home Depot Gift Card

During holidays, families go for camping, and the service of Home Depot are largely required and demanded during this period, this variable is also expected to influence the exchange rate of the gift card especially for the first week of August.

5. Amex Gift Card

The American Express gift card is also one of the gift cards expected to have an increase in the exchange rate in the first week of August, and the spike has also been predicted to spread through till the third week of the month.

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