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5 Most Used Gift Cards and What They are Used For

Gift cards are beginning to get the attention they so deserve. Since the outbreak of the global pandemic and lockdown in major cities of the world, the use of gift cards has been on the rise.

Most people now make their purchases online and renew their subscriptions using gift cards.

It also seems to be the perfect gift for any event, be it birthdays, mothers day, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. As it offers many options.

After careful observation and analysis, we’ve come up with a list of the five most-used gift cards and what they are used for. In case you’re having a problem deciding which gift card would be the best fit for your next gift, check this out.

1. Amazon Gift cards


Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift card is a product of the American e-commerce company Amazon.com. It’s widely used to purchase goods and services on Amazon.com

Most people who make purchases online use this gift card, as it’s easier and faster.

The next time you’re planning on buying a birthday gift, this might be your go-to, as it gives the recipient lots of options, with the varieties of goods sold on Amazon.

2. Netflix Gift Cards


Netflix Gift Card

Netflix is currently the most visited site after amazon, since the Coronavirus outbreak. People are at home bored, and the only option they seem to have is to log on to their Netflix account and watch movies.

This exact reason is the cause of the increase in the use of the Netflix gift card. The card is used to make payment for your subscription on Netflix and it’s also suitable as gifts for family and friends.

3. Apple & iTunes gift cards


Apple Gift Card

Apple and iTunes gift cards are also among the most used gift cards of the present time, as the world has experienced a gross increase in the number of iPhone users lately.

Apple and iTunes gift card is used for the purchase of goods and services on the iTunes Store, Apple Books, Apple Music, and the App Store.

4. PlayStation gift card


PlayStation Gift Card

The most-used and best selling video game of this generation also have a gift card that’s among the most used at this time.

The PlayStation gift card is used for making in-game purchases. If you have someone who’s got a PlayStation, this would be a very nice gift.

5. Audible Gift Card


Audible Gift Card

Audible is the leading provider of premium digital spoken audio content and has now created a means to serve their users better, with the audible gift card.

The audible gift card gives users access to various audiobook, audible originals and exclusive fitness and meditation programmes.

With your audible gift card, you can now read your books while mowing the lawn.

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