5 Most Valuable Gift Cards and Their Exchange Rates

Value is an essential element of every business transaction. And it’s the same situation when it comes to gift cards trading. Gift cards though widely used, vary in their exchange rates.

Wallethub has revealed that over a billion dollars’ worth of gift cards go unused each year. Perhaps you’ve been wondering what you can do with your unused gift cards, you can exchange it for cash or cryptocurrency on Yaocrypt.com

The following five gift cards have the highest resale rates and are among the most used worldwide.

1. Amazon Gift Card


Amazon Gift Card

The American e-commerce company Amazon.com is arguably the most popular e-commerce company in the world. One way of making payments for goods and services bought on Amazon.com is through the Amazon gift card.

The popularity of this gift card and the range of its user accounts for its high exchange rates. The rate often ranges from 80 – 92% of its face value.

2. iTunes Gift Card


iPhone users have increased grossly worldwide and so has the popularity of Apple and iTunes gift cards.

Apple and iTunes gift card is used for the purchase of good and services a
nd services on the iTunes Store, Apple Books, Apple Music, and the App Store.

iTunes gift card can resell for 83% of its face value, and sometimes it can be more than that. Just check yaocrypt.com to know the going rate.

3. Steam  Gift Cards


Steam gift cards are also very valuable, as they are used to buy games, downloadable content, and in-game items.

Steam is the most popular gaming network and engine in the world, and this accounts for its high exchange rates. It often sells for 85% of its face value, which is a very good rate.

4. Play Store Gift Card


Google play store is the largest app store in the world, with over a billion users. It has a music subscription service, a bookstore, and a video store.

All these services are what the gift card is used to make payment for. You should be able to resell your play store gift card for 72% of its face value.

5. Netflix Gift Cards


Netflix Gift Card

Netflix – the world’s biggest paid streaming service – offers surprisingly good resale values on their gift cards. You can get $80-$90 for a $100 card, and demand is high so you don’t have to wait for your money.

Any of these cards would be a very good fit for your next gift selection

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