Top 5 Gift Cards with the Highest Rates for the 2nd Week of July

It’s a new week, and a lot of things has happened and changed in the world of gift cards trading in the past week. Some gift cards have experienced a significant increase in resale rates, while some have recorded a considerable loss in value, which has negatively affected their exchange rates.

In this article, I would be updating my list for the top five gift cards with the highest exchange rates. This information is meant to help traders maximize their profits, and minimize the losses. Don’t be surprised if there is a little twist in my list for this week, compared to that of last week, it’s to reflect the changes that have happened in just a week!

Here are the top five gift cards with the highest exchange rates for the 2nd week of July

  1. Google Play Gift CARD

It’s a complete surprise that Google Play Gift Card is going to be the Number 1 on this list, especially considering the fact that it was fifth on the list last week. It seems the card has recorded an exponential increase in value which has helped its rates. Though no one can ascertain yet, what exactly is responsible for this shocking increase, some expert traders believe that it’s due to the introduction of new apps and video games on the store.

You can now trade your Google Play Gift Card on for as high as 79% of its initial face value in USD, compared to the 71% it was traded for in the first week.

  1. OneVanilla Visa/Mastercard gift card

OneVanilla gift card is one of the gift cards that have recorded a significant loss in value and a drop in rates. The card was first on the list for the first week of the month and has now dropped one place behind. Its rate has dropped from 83% it was in the first week to 77% of the initial face value in USD.

  1. Steam Wallet Gift Card

The Steam platform seems to have recorded an increase in the number of subscribers, a result that could also be linked to the introduction of new video games on the platform. This increase has helped the exchange rate of the gift card has it has increased from the 72% it was traded at for the first week of July to 76% of the initial face value in USD.

  1. American Express Gift Card

The American Express Gift card has also moved a place backwards on the list, compared to the first week’s list, so also has its exchange rate. You can now trade your Amex gift card at 74% of the initial face value in USD.

  1. Amazon Gift Card

It’s really a surprise to see Amazon gift card on this list, the card hasn’t been doing very well in terms of the rates lately. But in this past week, it was among those who recorded the shocking increase, and you can now trade it at 72% of the initial face value in USD.

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