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Why the Exchange Rate of iTunes Gift Card Has Gotten Lower

The question that most gift card traders have been asking lately is concerning how the value of the iTunes gift card has gone down significantly and how the devaluation has affected the exchange rate of the card. It should be noted that WalletHub early this year ranked iTunes gift cards among the topmost valuable gift cards of this present time, but to everyone’s surprise, the card has not been able to maintain this reputation.

The reason for this devaluation in the exchange rate of the iTunes gift card has been linked to the fact that most of the iTunes streaming platforms are already losing subscribers, most of them are now moving to other streaming platforms. And when a situation like this surface, it means the level of sales of the card would also reduce. When the number of people using the card has reduced, its just logical that the number of purchases that would be made would also reduce as well. And when the number of purchases reduces, it creates a demand and supply conflict.

The kind of demand and supply conflict that iTunes gift cards are currently experiencing is one in which the level of supply is more than the level of demand, so definitely, there would be a devaluation. And when there is devaluation, of course, the exchange rate would also go down with it.

Although the company is currently doing all that it can to ensure that it brings back its subscribers. And one of the means the company intends to use to achieve that is allowing free streaming offers and 7 days trials. If these works, it is possible that the exchange rate might go up again and regain its initial position at the beginning of the year. Trades should no more be confused, the problem is not with the trading platform, it is with the product itself.

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